is a voice translating device that will revolutionise the way you are able to communicate and understand other languages.

Would you like to communicate with foreigners without any problems during vacations, business trips or wherever you are?
All these things become possible with the help of SIGMO!

Forget about the language barrier

SIGMO allows real-time translating of 25 languages. It has two modes of voice translation. You just simply set your native language, then the language to translate to. By pressing the first button and speaking your phrase SIGMO in turn will instantly translate and pronounce it in a language you have selected. By pressing the second button, it will translate speech from the foreign language, then instantly speak in your native language! All at the press of a button!

Contemporary design, intuitive and portable.

Because of its small, light size, you will be able to take “SIGMO” without any problems on any trip, hanging it around your neck, attaching it to your clothes, belt or strap on your arm with its own special attachment.

Ideal for:
   - Vacations abroad
   - Business negotiations with foreigners
   - Personal meetings
   - Business trips
   - Foreign language learning and any other situation

How does it work?


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